Campus Life



Our BIMT Campus annual graduation ceremony is a day devoted to celebrate an important point in our students’ lives. Examinations are finally over, scruffiness is replaced with fancy clothes and parents admire their children for reaching the finishing line of a long marathon. The future of BIMT past pupil always seems more promising than the present, and the present on graduation day is pretty good even if it is not quite the reality.


We strive to provide the best possible facilities to enable our students to benefit from a modern learning environment and enjoy their educational experience. We offer adequate facilities suitable for the specific subject areas taught with students’ comfort and welfare in mind. These include the following,

Cricket Tournament

BIMT cricket tournament was well-organized by Alumni Association of BIMT Campus. This game proved a true leadership and team sprit throughout the whole day of the matches. Main theme of the cricket tournament was to build a Positive behavior that make cricket an exciting game that encourages leadership, friendship, and teamwork.


Adventure Trip - Kithulgala

This “Adventure Trip 2022” was organized to enhance the confident level of our students to dream big and to make them such people who are driven to achieve their dream.


Camping Night – Kabaragala

This Camping Night was organized to build the confidence of our students to dream big and to make them such people who are driver, to achieve their dreams.